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Special Glyphs

There are many symbols which may not be supported by the font you selected to use in XChat-WDK, especially Asian glyphs and special characters, like a peace sign. In this case, you'll see "lego blocks" instead of them.

To circumvent this, you need to specify alternative fonts for glyphs not supported by your current font. These are done by using Pango aliases.You can use a special file, which is:
  • portable mode: etc\pango\pango.aliases
  • standard mode: %USERPROFILE%\.pango.aliases
You can just paste %USERPROFILE% into the Explorer address bar. The leading "." is not by error, you need it for standard mode.

Note: on Windows XP, you can't create files in Explorer with a dot in the beginning, so you'll have to create it with Notepad, Wordpad etc.

Here's an example file:

tahoma = "tahoma,lucida sans unicode,browallia new,gulimche,ms gothic,kartika,latha,mangal"
"segoe ui" = "segoe ui,meiryo,malgun gothic,microsoft jhenghei,microsoft yahei,gisha,leelawadee"

First you specify the font you selected in XChat-WDK, then you enumerate the alternative fonts for symbols not supported by your main font. There can be many entries, you can adjust and extend them to your needs. The form is basically:

yourfont = "yourfont,fallback font1,fallback font2,etc"

Note: you need to put font names which include spaces between quotation marks.

Note: there mustn't be spaces before and after commas in the list of alternative fonts.

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