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Obsidian² DCC Server


You have to install XChat-WDK with version 5.12 of the Perl interface. Then download Obsidian² and extract obsidian2.misc and to your config folder.

Now start XChat-WDK and you'll see the messages of Obsidian. Obsidian uses so-called triggers (you can think of them as shares) for making files available for download. Now create a new trigger:

/fs triggers add pub public files C:\pub

pub is the trigger name (which must not contain spaces), public files is the description, C:\pub is the path (which must start either with / or X:\). Now refresh the trigger cache (you may need to do this twice to apply):

/fs refresh_cache

You can specify which channels you want files to be served in:

/fs serving_channels add #lobby

Then start the service:

/fs on


Join a channel which the Obsidian-enabled file server runs in (#lobby in this example). Query the list of available triggers:


This message is sent to the channel, and the response will be sent to the channel as well. Now tell the server which trigger you want to use:

/CTCP fileserver public files

Where fileserver is the nick of the file server and public files is the description of the trigger. Now the server will message you listing the contents of the selected trigger. You can query the list of available commands:


There are shortcuts before entries which saves you from typing. To download the first file from the list you simply just:


Then the server will send you the file via DCC. When you're finished, you can close the dialog with:


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