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Do At

This plugin can be used to perform an arbitrary command on multiple channels or contexts. List can be specific to networks, or any context on a separate network. Usage:

/doat [channel,list,/network] [command]

To create a /mysay command which does an /allchan for specific channels only, create a User Command (Settings -> Advanced -> User Commands) with the name mysay, and the command:

doat #channel1,#channel2,#bridgechannel/SpecialNetwork say &2

Now, if you type /mysay goodnight, this message will be sent to the first open instances of #channel1 and #channel2, as well as #bridgechannel on the SpecialNetwork.

To change username on network FreeNode from some other network:

/doat /FreeNode nick ANewNick

The source code is available in the repo.

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