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There are a lot of altered installers and binaries based on XChat-WDK. Or sometimes they aren't even based on XChat-WDK, they are just some malware and such. You can find a lot of torrents with similar names, too. I've seen versions which put my Inno Setup installer into an other, NSIS based installer, which is just plain stupid. Sometimes they strip certain components from the installer for a simple reason: "just 'cause".

There's even a guy, one of the PChat devs, who gave me "suggestions" (rather, orders) regarding the build environment. I didn't find his statements reasonable or clear enough, but instead of clarifying them, he just offended me with various things. It's no surprise that I didn't follow all of his advices. He's not my boss and he should mind his attitude, and this is my own project, not his. Then he decided to make his own build, and that's just fine, he's free to do so. But he also published that with the same name, just like the malwares and scams on the torrent sites. I asked him kindly to rename it to something else, coz it's nonsense to call it the same if it's not the same. He refused to do so because "I rejected his suggestions". Very mature.

The moral of this story is that in most cases there's no point in fighting stupidity. If you need to download XChat-WDK, always download it from here, or from the sites linked on the Downloads page. I can't guarantee you get what you want if you download it from obscure sites.

One thing I'd like to note: you are, of course, free to build and modify XChat-WDK. It's an open source project, so you have all the rights to do so. But if you modify it, please don't give it the same name. It's not too noble.

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