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Import Libraries

To generate the msvcrt.lib import library, get a copy of msvcrt.dll from a Windows XP installation (c:\WINDOWS\system32).

dumpbin /exports msvcrt.dll > msvcrt.def

Open msvcrt.def in Notepad++. Delete the leading informative messages until $I10_OUTPUT. Then delete every column in the remaining table beside names. You can do this by holding the Alt key while you're expanding the selection. Also delete the summary at the end of file. Now modfiy the beginning of the file this way:

LIBRARY msvcrt

Now generate the library (substitute x86 with x64 if you're using the XP x64 DLL):

lib /machine:x86 /def:msvcrt.def

You're ready. Regarding XChat-WDK, this method is being used during building the Perl interface DLLs.

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